The i3D Smart brings innovative implant technology to SoCal Smiles Dentistry.

1 Scan, 2 Images

The i3D Smart produces 2 images in just 1 scan which means you are no longer required to undergo two X-ray scans in many instances. This benefits you with less exposure to radiation, a quicker X-ray experience and reduced visit times.

Innovative Compressed Sensing Technology

The images produced by i3D Smart are dramatically improved from other X-ray machines. These improved images allow SoCal Smiles Dentistry to view your teeth like never before.

Why is i3D Smart a good choice for you?

  • One Scan, Two images (CT and Auto Pan)
  • Innovative compressed sensing technology
  • Increased field of view allows us to find concerns that previously may have been missed
  • Easy and simple software include powerful consulting tools

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