Dentistry has advanced rapidly in the last decade and at SoCal Smiles Dentistry we have stayed informed and ahead of the curve.

Crowns and Bridges don’t have to be bulky!

At SoCal Smiles we believe that crowns and bridges don’t have to appear dull, chalky, and have a dark line at the gumline. All porcelain crowns in combination with modern bonding adhesives, provide strong, durable, and beautiful teeth that rival natural teeth. The metal-free approach can rehabilitate all the teeth back to a natural form, dramatically decreasing the risks of tooth fracture, root canal treatments, gum infections, and tooth loss.

Healthy, natural-appearance

Notice the final translucency, gradation of color, and invisible borders. Believe it or not, the margins (borders) are not under the gum line. This allows for superb gum health. I’m sure you have seen those unsightly crowns with the “black-line” effect as seen in the illustration above to the left. Modern day advances in dentistry makes these front two crowned teeth look vibrant in color and natural in appearance.

Some of the more common dental services we offer