We recommend Composite Fillings because overall health and dental safety is important to us at SoCal Smiles Dentistry.

Composite Fillings

Safer than the alternatives

The amalgam-mercury dental fillings are a contemporary restoration from the Civil War era. In recent years there has been an on-going debate about the potential health risk these dental fillings may place on the body’s immune system. It is interesting to observe that health regulatory authorities have designated the extra mercury scraps as a toxic waste, which must be isolated, packaged, and hauled away by a hazardous waste disposal service. The question must be asked, “Why are we using our mouth as the other dump site?” Why is the mouth considered a suitable, “safe” place to store such hazardous waste, especially if healthier, longer-lasting options are available?

Advances in dental materials improve overall health and dental safety

  • Composite fillings, better known as “white fillings” are resin based
  • 100% metal free
  • Used to fill small areas of decay
  • Layered, cured then hardened to shape