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Root Canal

Why are root canals necessary?

When a tooth gets infected, bacteria can build up inside the tooth in tissue known as the pulp. That bacteria buildup can spread and cause massive infection throughout the head, making the root canal an important preventative procedure. There are many potential causes for the conditions that require root canals. Facial trauma, deep tooth decay or even excessive dental work on one tooth can create them.

We make the process as easy as possible

Unlike cosmetic dentistry procedures, root canals cannot be completed in just one visit. Once the initial root canal is performed, you will return for another appointment to check for further decay and infection. At that time, the tooth is sealed. Although root canals have a reputation to cause lots of pain, they are generally no more painful than a simple filling. Discomfort following the procedure may enhance your sensitivity to hot and cold. Our friendly staff will work hard to make sure your visit is comfortable.

Root canals involve these key steps

  • X-ray images reveal the tooth and surrounding tissue
  • Local anesthetic numbs the area in question
  • Hole drilled in the tooth reveals the decayed tissue
  • Root canal is cleaned and debris is flushed away
  • Your tooth is sealed on a later visit